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Refurbished Devices 101: Understanding the Grading System and What It Means for You

18 May 2023
Refurbished Devices 101


In this age of rapid technological advancement, refurbished devices offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to buying new. But what does "reconditioned" actually mean, and how do you navigate the grading system? In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of refurbished devices and explain why Revibe.me is the top choice for UAE customers.

What Does Refurbished Mean?

Electronics that have been refurbished are second-hand items that have been professionally inspected, repaired, and restored to like-new condition. Prior to being sold, these gadgets are thoroughly tested for functionality and dependability, providing a cost-effective option for consumers seeking high-quality devices at a reduced price.

Understanding the Refurbished Grading System at Revibe.me

The refurbished grading system is a universal standard that informs consumers about the condition of the device they're purchasing. Here's what each grade means:


  • Totally pristine, as if never used
  • Both the battery life and the device's technical condition are at their maximum
  • The battery's health is over 95%
  • Everything on Revibe has been thoroughly tested and is guaranteed to work.

Very Good:

  • Scratches, barely noticeable from 20 centimeters away. 
  • According to Revibe's standards, the machine is in better than average technical condition.
  • The battery's health is over 90%.
  • All devices on Revibe are 100% tested in depth and functional


  • Visible scratches and possible dents
  • Technical condition is within the average according to Revibe quality standards
  • Battery Health is above 85%
  • All devices on Revibe are 100% tested in depth and functional.


Why the Grading System Matters

Understanding the grading system for refurbished electronics is essential for making an informed purchase. It helps you evaluate the device's physical condition and expected reliability. Keep in mind that while all grades guarantee functionality, higher grades indicate better cosmetic condition.

The Benefits of Buying Refurbished

Cost-effectiveness: Refurbished devices are less expensive than brand-new ones without sacrificing performance or dependability.

Environmentally friendly: One way to help the environment and save money is to buy refurbished electronics.

Quality assurance: Refurbished devices undergo rigorous testing and repairs to ensure they work like new.

Navigating the Refurbished Market: Revibe.me

In the United Arab Emirates, Revibe.me is the go-to destination for buying refurbished electronics. They offer an extensive selection of affordable refurbished electronics of high quality.

Revibe.me stands out from the crowd thanks to its commitment to quality control. Each device is subjected to a thorough inspection and refurbishment procedure to guarantee its optimal functionality and dependability. Whether you're purchasing a device of Grade Excellent, Very Good, or Good, you can rest assured that it meets rigorous quality standards.

Moreover, Revibe.me understands the importance of trust in the refurbished market. They offer a 12 month warranty and a 10-day change-of-mind cashback guarantee on their devices, providing customers with peace of mind and guaranteeing the longevity of their purchases.

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