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Are you a store-owner or manager?
In Revibe, we have dozens of sellers that make all of our customers happy.
We handle everything for you, including shipping and customer service, so you only focus on selling.
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In Revibe you can sell if you are a retailer, a wholesaler, or even another website. We are open to all.

How does it work?

Fill your prices

We will send you our catalog and you will input your prices. The price you input is the price you get paid. No commission on your price. We buy at your price and then we set our price to the customer for our expenses.

Get paid every week

We pay all the orders you have shipped on a weekly basis. We will always automatically pay you, without you needing to even request it.

Sell in other markets

You will unlock your sales to all UAE, Saudi and Kuwait customers, without any extra effort. We can handle the shipping for you.

Focus on your business

We have a big team that handles customer care, taking the hassle off from you. You focus on selling, we focus on the rest.

Next steps

Any Questions

Contact us at and we will help you all the way.