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The Truth About Refurbished Phones: Why You Should Not Be Worried

29 Dec 2022
The Truth About Refurbished Phones

If you don’t want to spend over $1,000 on the latest technology but need a new phone, buying a refurbished phone may be the right choice. There are a lot of advantages to purchasing refurbished technology, like smartphones, computers, and smartwatches. However, there are also disadvantages if you buy from the wrong place. So it’s important to be careful when making your final decision.

What is a refurbished phone?

A refurbished phone is a mobile phone that has been repaired and put back on the market. Otherwise, a pre-owned phone that has been repaired in one way or another (for example, a broken screen) later repaired maybe sold as a refurbished phone.  At Revibe, we ensure that when a part is replaced by a supplier, it’s replaced by an original part – our devices are all Original.

What should I look out for when buying a refurbished phones?

Make Sure the Seller is Trustworthy

When buying refurbished mobile phones, ensure that the seller is reputable. With third-party resellers, it’s safe to make sure they are reputable by checking their reviews, making sure they offer a guarantee, a Free Return Policy, etc. Moreover, it’s best if they have a systematic phone-checking process in place.  “” At Revibe, all our devices are checked by experts, we have a systematic 50 points device check, including Battery condition, SIM and Wifi, Speaker and sound system, Camera, Microphone, Oxydation, Bluetooth, Jack / Charger and many more “”

Understand The Condition Grading

Some refurbished goods are advertised with a quality score. This varies between retailers. For example, some refurbished phone vendors provide grades out of ten, while others use an academic-style grading system (‘A-grade’ being in ideal condition, ‘C-grade’ being worn and tattered). These grading systems are usually described on the seller’s website. Therefore, it is crucial to study them so you may understand their quality grading system.  At Revibe, we have created a very simple and transparent grading system, with 3 conditions: Excellent, Very Good, and Good.  The Definition of the conditions varies from website to website. At Revibe, we guarantee a Strict definition of Grades, Our Excellent Grade is the Best possible condition in the market. Below are the details about the Conditions/ grades at Revibe.


“” Like new condition and appearance. Technical condition and durability (incl. battery) are the highest possible. The device is Original (not refurbished) – Battery Health is above 95%””

Very Good:

“” Light scratches, slightly visible from 20cm away. Technical condition is above the average according to Revibe quality standards. The device is Original (not refurbished) – Battery Health is above 90%””


“” Visible scratches and possible dents. Technical condition is within the average according to Revibe quality standards. The device could be refurbished – Battery Health is above 85%.””


Read the product description

You should read the description carefully when purchasing a used or refurbished phone. You will learn about the quality and condition of the product, whether it includes accessories such as a charging cable and power adapter, and what kind of warranty is provided. At Revibe each device comes in a box, with a charging cable, similar to new iPhones. 

Check the terms of the warranty

A warranty is frequently included with refurbished mobile phones. The warranty length and what it covers will usually depend on the reseller or refurbisher. For example, you can usually find refurbished phones with warranties lasting between 90 days and 1 year. The warranty, in most cases, will cover malfunctions and faults in the refurbished device. Still, it will not cover liquid damage, accidental damage, or third-party repairs that were improperly performed. You will usually find the warranty terms and conditions on the reseller’s website.

Pros of getting a refurbished phone

It is much cheaper to buy refurbished phones than new ones.

Since refurbished phones cannot be sold as ‘new,’ it does not mean they are not like new. Refurbished phones are up to 70% cheaper than new ones. Furthermore, if you buy your device from a trusted seller like Revibe, you literally get a device that is just like new.  The majority of first-time buyers from Revibe say the same  ” It’s a no Brainer, I will never buy new again. “”

Refurbished phones are Eco-Friendly

Broken phones might otherwise be disposed of in landfills or wrongly recycled. Purchasing a refurbished mobile phone helps reduce electronic waste. Refurbished phones are recycled goods that do not contribute as much to environmental damage as new phones.

Refurbished phones come with a warranty

It’s common for established retailers to offer a warranty on refurbished mobile phones. Revibe provide a warranty for as long as 12 months, but the typical warranty lasts 90 days. 

Experts repair phones that have been refurbished.

A refurbished mobile phone goes through a rigorous diagnostic examination and repair process performed by someone who knows what he is doing. Personal information from the mobile phone’s previous owner is also removed, ensuring you will not encounter any issues with leftover passwords or storage space. So, Where to turn to purchase a refurbished phone?  Here at Revibe, we have a range of economical refurbished phones available from certified resellers. We also have an in-house 50 points quality check that ensures you get the best quality phone. In conclusion, by buying from a trusted website, you buy a device that looks and works literally like new at up to 70% cheaper.
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