Revibe functions as a marketplace. Essentially, we bridge the gap between sellers and final consumers through our platform. The standard of the refurbished products available on Revibe hinges on the excellence of the sellers themselves. Our mission is to ensure that they consistently deliver outstanding service. To guarantee this, we put all tech device refurbishing centers through our most rigorous evaluation methods, factoring in all pertinent factors: diagnostic accuracy, customer service responsiveness, shipping durations, and so forth. Yet that's just the beginning: our merchant partners are also required to adhere to a comprehensive set of guidelines before listing on our platform. Consequently, we can vouch that the refurbished smartphones, computers, and other products you purchase from us are on par with newly sold units. But don't just rely on our statement, you can read below verified customers reviews:

Based on 490 reviews
iPhone XS
Alexander Hernandez
Extremely satisfied with revibe

Refurbished samsung phone in exceptional condition, arrived swiftly. highly pleased with the purchase!

Quick shipping, near-perfect condition

Revibe's swift shipping ensured the device arrived in near-perfect condition. excellent customer service makes revibe my go-to choice!

iPhone 11
Abdul Rahman Khalifa
Fast delivery, good condition

Phone arrived quickly and in great condition. slightly lower screen sensitivity than expected, overall positive experience.

Galaxy S21 Ultra
Elizabeth Scott
Competitively priced refurbished tablet

Purchased refurbished tablet at highly competitive price. swift delivery, flawless performance. thrilled with the purchase!

Galaxy Note 20
Sultan Al-Dhaheri
Great revibe experience

User-friendly website and fast shipping made my experience with revibe fantastic. my note 20 arrived in excellent condition.

Galaxy Note 20
Noor Al-Kaabi
Unforgettable tablet purchase

Purchased revibe's refurbished tablet, looks and works like brand new. highly responsive customer support made the experience exceptional.

Galaxy S20 Ultra
Lily Allen
Fantastic service, perfect condition

Revibe delivers fantastic service and perfectly refurbished samsung phone. swift arrival in perfect condition.

Galaxy S21 Ultra
Abigail Hall
Swift delivery, fantastic condition

Phone arrived quickly and in fantastic condition. slightly finicky fingerprint scanner, overall positive experience.

iPhone XS
Zahra Al-Qasimi
Outstanding refurbished phone

Revibe's refurbished phone in excellent condition, functions perfectly. speedy delivery in 4 days, amazing customer service.

iPhone 11
Ahmed Saeed
Enjoyable revibe experience

From user-friendly website to swift shipping, i thoroughly enjoyed my journey. refurbished phone arrived in excellent condition.

iPhone SE (2020)
Evelyn Lewis
Terrific purchase

Refurbished phone looks and functions like new - responsive customer support, swift delivery - highly recommended!

iPhone 8
Samuel Robinson
Delighted with revibe purchase

Refurbished phone in excellent condition, swift arrival. highly pleased with the purchase!

Galaxy Note 20
Mariam Al-Hajji
Flawless working samsung

Revibe's refurbished samsung phone works flawlessly. smooth process, relatively fast delivery. highly recommended!

iPad 5th Gen (2017) Wi-Fi
Scarlett Turner
Timely delivery, good condition

Refurbished phone arrived within four days in good condition. only downside was incomplete charger.

Galaxy S20 Ultra
Emily Davis
Flawless refurbished computer

Purchased revibe's refurbished computer, functions flawlessly. prompt arrival in outstanding condition.

Great prices, fantastic refurbished electronics

Revibe offers fantastic refurbished electronics at great prices. refurbished laptop arrived quickly and in excellent condition.

iPhone 12
Daniel Lewis
Highly satisfied

Refurbished iphone arrives promptly and in outstanding condition - revibe's fantastic service and top-quality products earn strong recommendations!

Galaxy Note 20
David Green
Great experience

Seamless journey with revibe, from user-friendly website to fast delivery. refurbished device arrived in pristine condition.

Quick arrival, good condition

Ordered refurbished phone, arrived quickly and in good condition. only drawback was incomplete charger.

Highly satisfied with revibe purchase

Refurbished phone in excellent condition, swift arrival. highly satisfied with the purchase!

Galaxy S20 Ultra
Michael Wright
Competitively priced smartphone

Purchased refurbished smartphone at highly competitive price. quick delivery, perfect functionality. thrilled with the purchase!

iPhone 13
Omar Saif

Revibe's refurbished samsung phone works flawlessly.

Galaxy Z Fold 3
Evelyn Lewis
Exceptional service and condition

Purchased revibe's refurbished phone, arrived promptly and in exceptional condition.

iPhone 13
Amelia Lee
Amazing service, excellent condition

Revibe provides amazing service and great products. swift arrival of refurbished phone in excellent condition.

iPhone 7
Charlotte Turner
More than satisfied

Purchased refurbished smartphone from revibe, arrived in great condition. fantastic customer service, swift delivery within 5 days.